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Welcome folks, it is a joy to have you come and visit this site. It would be a good idea if you had a good look around to see if you resonate with the vision behind Lily’s Online Place.

This site was founded by God’s Lily hence the name Lily’s Online Place. But what is Lily’s Place? It started as a dream of a place where people in mental distress could go and have every need met, apart from actually putting a roof over their heads. When you read Why do we do it? you will realise why this was so important to God’s Lily.

Is this site faith-based?

It is faith-inspired and if you are not at peace with Christian values and attidues you will not be comfortable here. However, one thing that really annoys God’s Lily are those who say all that matters is getting people into the church and in the words of the Christmas carol “making them fit for heaven”.

For her, there is a lot more to the “Good News” than pie in the sky while you wait. There is steak on the plate while you wait. By that she means having a life that in line with God’s principles will make it a lot easier to live a comfortable life. It makes it easier to avoid illness and to recover from it.  It makes it easier to avoid many family problems. It makes it easier to avoid many money problems.

No one is ever without problems because quite frankly if we did not have problems and challenges we would just be little weaklings. It is problems that help us to grow and that stretch us so that we become all that we can be. However, it is so much easier when we have a tried and tested road map to follow. One that has lasted a few centuries rather than a few decades.

I think most of us would want a  better life so if that what you want then you are in the right place.  The values and principles behind what we teach are based on the Bible. However, many of those values are seen as old-fashioned values and many of the principles are seen to be simply common sense or things that have been seen to work in practice.

The hope is that you will see that these biblically-based ideas are good ones and that in due course you will explore the Bible itself for more good ideas. One thing that God’s Lily knows will turn people away from a faith-based site is constant references the need to repent and accept Jesus as Saviour.

Her thinking is that if you work out for yourself that living according to the Bible-based values and principles that back up her teaching that you are more likely to read the Bible for yourself. When you do that you will learn more about Jesus as Saviour.

Is this site for everyone?

We do have one restriction and that is to use this site you need to be aged 16 or over. As explained in the terms and conditions in the UK anyone under 16 taking part in an educational programme, in addition to their normal school activities, normally needs to inform the school. Many colleges ask for a letter of permission from the school before allowing someone under 16 to start an evening course with them. Rather than set up a checking procedure that would be burdensome for all involved Lily’s Online Place only offers training to those aged 16 and over.

The other thing that is obvious that name Lily is normally used by those of the female persuasion as a first name. There are some men called Lily like the cricketer from Australia whose family name is Lily. This site is deliberately not all pretty and pink and girlie. It is plain blue classic and even tomboyish.

Actually, guys if you are going to vote with your feet we womenfolk are going to take advantage of it. In other words, although Lily’s Online Place does not exclude anyone, the majority of people it serves are of the female persuasion. That means that programmes are more likely to include subtle differences that reflect a feminine point of view such as Become a Savvy Woman.


Now the issues of values, age and gender have been dealt with it is time to think about what the training offered is going to help you do. The tagline on the main God’s Lily website is

the voice of those frustrated with the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in such a way that it strengthens them rather than weakens them further

How on earth do you turn such a tagline into a training programme? You offer training that relieves that frustration by helping people become part of the solution. To be honest that is the frustration of God’s Lily. So many people say this is the problem and do little if anything that they can do in a practical sense to improve the situation.

Christians often take the escape route of praying about things rather than taking action. Others don’t realise that they can be part of the solution. There are things that can be done to change things. It is a question of finding an answer to the problem and then presenting it to other people in such a way that they see the value in your solution.

Simple really. Well not really. Think of the wife who looks around at various solutions to the problems that arise due to the mental health issues that plague her home. Some approaches she could use are based on ideas from the Bible and are spiritually based while others would be more practical or medically based. Sooner or later she would discover that it is possible to lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. She could do everything she could think of even if it meant twisting myself into a pretzel and allowing her own life to be wrecked and nothing would change.  Free will is a terrible thing when other people use it to avoid doing what you want them to do. If that was the case she would be trapped and the only way out would be to leave her husband behind and start a new life.

The thinking behind Lily’s Online Place is to support for those wanting to set up projects that change the community for the better. They could be closely associated with a church. They could be a group of friends who are working towards developing a charitable organisation.  The could be any business that serves the community not just a social enterprise.

Curiously God’s Lily had managed to gather all the paper qualifications needed to teach business start up courses in the UK long before setting up this website. The thing that did not make much sense to her was how do you get a job teaching others about setting up businesses. After all, how do you take people in a direction you are not going yourself?

Add to that that amongst the things God’s Lily had done to relieve her own frustration of seeing so few people getting up and doing something was to write a book called The Manifesto that is not for Wimps. In it is a discussion on what Christians should be doing to serve the community around them. One of the things that was included in that book was the idea that the church needs to be a training centre. Few can bo that but one alternative is to find training that serves those who sit and listen to sermon after sermon that cannot possibly cover all their needs in terms of doing things to build the community around them.

Is Lily’s Online Place for YOU?

If you have read this far down a page in an age where people are easily distracted there is a good chance that it is. Even if you are just vaguely interested in what is on offer you should consider joining the email list. You can do this using the form below.