2020 Online Assembly

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Online summits with a series of speakers who share their expertise have been used by those who have wanted to become more visible online for about 15 years now. The idea has evolved over time. Once they were all audio recordings these days they are usually videos.

The original plan was to record a number of videos in December 2019. However, events overtook us after a parting of the ways with a group that I had been hoping would be a big help. It was a case of separate or let them take over everything I was doing including giving them a  large number of physical assets and potentially income-generating assets. In order to keep hold of those assets and use them for the purposes that I intended them to be used for meant doing a lot of work to make sure everything I was doing was totally separate.  Therefore the first online assembly was postponed until a later date.

After that personal shaking came the global shaking of the Covid19 pandemic. The side-effect of that situation was that all the events that normally I would attend were cancelled. What else was there to do other than keep going with all the online projects I was working on. Having more time also meant that it was possible to return to the idea of the Online Summit again.