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The Core Training Programme was developed as a result of what was learned during the process of setting up Heavenly Crafts. Once the seed of the idea was recognised the next step was to come up with a plan to present to the church leadership. I decided to take a step back at that point and when I saw the business plan my heart sank. I was expecting a minimum of 4 sides answering a range of questions. Instead, it was enough text to fit on one side spread over two sides that left some of the questions I thought were essential unanswered.

The fact that some of those questions were left unanswered nearly scuppered the project before it ever set sail. The big issue for us was how ere we going to connect with the people we wanted to serve. We all thought the others had the answer when the truth was none of us had the answer.

It was not until we tried to get started that the truth finally dawned on us. That was when we went to our fall back strategy i.e. prayer. OK,  I know that should have been the first item on the to-do list in terms of setting up Heavenly Crafts but it was also the missing piece that made it work.

I knew that something had to be done to prevent the same thing from happening again when it was time to get another project off the ground.  That was why I created a form so that next time it would just be a case of filling that in and passing it on. Gathering the information you need to complete that form is the basis of The Core Training Programme.

Once that form is completed you have the core or basic outline of your business or project plan. You may find that over time you need to present a planning document to other people. For example, one supermarket chain in the UK will only help local non-profit organisations such as sports teams if they can produce a five year business plan that meets their criteria.  Or you may need it to help you apply for funding.

Done right, it will also become a working document that will help you run your project. However, you have to start somewhere and the Core Training Programme helps you get off to a good start developing a planning document