Welcome to FX Communities

It is a joy to have you come and visit our web site. We hope that you will be inspired to play your part in changing the world into a better place.

Where on earth did the name come from?

FXCommunities sounds very like affects communities. That name makes sense when you want to do things that affect the community. The name was inspired by Fresh Expressions of Church because we want to develop ideas that are different and help others as well as reflect our founder’s faith-based background. However, FX is used as an abbreviation for other things like the special FX used by filmmakers so it is not out and out plagiarism.

The original idea was that in addition to Fresh Expressions of Church we needed Fresh Expressions of a variety of things including communities. Maybe though you have not heard of the idea of Fresh Expressions of Church. The idea is to do the same things but in a different way that encourages more people to get involved in the church because the new ways of doing church really speak to their needs. So you have things like Messy Church where instead of a traditional service with hymns and a sermon people of all ages including children do crafts and this is linked to a talk that helps people on their faith journey.

Rather than writing Fresh Expressions all the time they use the abbreviation FX or FXC. Getting the domain name FXCommunities made a lot of sense as no one likes typing in long domain names do they?

Does that mean that this site is just for people of faith?

No. The hope is that people of faith will get involved. But this site is for anyone who is at peace with Christian teaching. Many of the courses and ideas are based firmly on biblical principles but the aim is to help people take advantage of the ancient wisdom in the bible so that they can use it to improve their lives and the lives of others.

If we went around examining all the principles that people live by and then said we had to throw out any that were in the bible we would have a very different world. There is a verse in the bible that talks about the stupidity of having a servant but then not having enough money to feed ourselves. Many of us have looked at other people and thought they were stupid because they struggled to afford everyday expenses like food after they had borrowed money to buy the latest electronic gadget.  Change the servant for an electronic gadget and you have the same situation. Ancient wisdom is timeless.

The sad reality is that many people who attend church are quite happy praying about things or even donating to good works but getting them out and about doing the stuff is another matter. I am reminded of the story in the bible where the king invites people to a banquet and his friends all have good excuses why they cannot come. The king gets annoyed and asks his servant to go out and ask complete strangers to come and they do come.

All are invited

You might be one of the ones who are a complete stranger to church but you have a desire to see things changed for the better in your community. If so you are one of the ones that this site is for. Quite honestly God cannot do all He wants to do without dragging in people who are not His friends to help Him.

This whole idea about invitations is expanded upon in the booklet our founder has written. If you want a copy, enter your email address below and you will be sent one, hopefully within minutes.